About Us

DhotTech is a group of certified specialists of different fields. DhotTech  refer clients to the best certified specialist who are very professional of there fields with having years of experience. DhotTech  also give after sales services to the clients. DhotTech  also do Marketing and Promotions of others products and services.

“The top most priority of DhotTech  is to give best service to the client”

About us: 

DhotTech  is Service to Client (S2C), Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Client (B2C) formats. We are bridge between client and business but our top most priority is to give best service to the client. Our associate businesses is liable to give the best service to DhotTech  clients.

Refund Policy

We follow a liberal refund policy, which puts you in a highly secure position with respect to your investment for availing our services. We are a customer-oriented firm and our existence is justified only through faultless service and complete customer satisfaction. The thousands of positive feedback from our contented customers gives us the leverage to provide you a cover of 100% money-back guarantee, for an initial period of 7 days.

You must be eligible for a refund according to the following criterions:

  • In case of any dissatisfaction after availing our services, you must bring it to our notice within a 7 days period after hiring us.
  • The issue should be in the scope of the particular service, otherwise the refund shall not be provided.
  • After the full refund, you can avail our services only after applying for a new request.
  • This refund policy will only be applied to DhotTech  and his Services.

How to obtain a refund?

  • Contact our office within a span of 7 days.
  • Include your service number, which DhotTech  has provided at the time of purchase.
  • Mention the reasons and issues for your pulling out of our services, in detail. This gives us a chance to amend the problem and improve on our services.

*On termination of contract DhotTech shall have no obligation or liabilities arising out of this agreement and the customer shall have no right to claim any refund or compensation.



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